Regional Governor of Attica welcome speech


Dance – a communication art

Dance is nothing more than an Art which enables people to communicate both their feelings and mood to their fellow human beings at a given moment.
The redemptive character of this supreme Art lies in the fact that it acts as a cure for the soul. It is definitely the shortest way to our personal freedom.
And there is no more indicative example of its power than the central role held by the Chorus in ancient Greek drama. A role that is both modern and timeless, especially today, at a time when art and culture should not be seen as an “unnecessary luxury” but they should act as a way out and as an inspiration for change and transcendence.
But above all, Dance is the Art that cannot be appropriated by the few, but it urges all and everyone to participate in it, to express themselves, to overcome dead end situations and taboos. We can all participate, regardless of age. We all feel the need to express our joy and enthusiasm, visualising our feelings through artistic movement.
So we should not be afraid to feel free.
For many decades, The “Dora Stratou” Greek Dances Theatre has been serving consistently this supreme Art. And this year, by organising the 54th World Congress of Dance Research, it promotes this Art to superior level leaving a valuable resource for its future and evolution. This is an effort aimed at spreading art and culture and the Region of Attica will always encourage and assist such initiatives.
With these thoughts in mind, I wish you every success in holding the World Congress of Dance Research.

Rena Dourou
Regional Governor of Attica